Exercise of a Lazy Girl ("Second Breakfast" or Part Two)

Mar 9, 2015
So I’m at my second rest day and I’m pleased to say that I ache a little less and have been taking extra voluntary walks. I know, I know! More exercise than I need to do… whaaat?! So it turns out that when you start to be a little active your brain is thinking “hey how about some more exercise” and the part of the brain that tells that bit to jeff-off gets a little quieter. Now that the weather’s getting a little warmer, I’m even thinking about running routes….!
I can’t say it’s all good though. The extra energy is making me stay awake at night and for an insomniac that’s not too good. I don’t like all that extra thinking time. It’s meant that I’ve been a little slack with the screenplay this week and have been panic writing university applications but that’s probably a different issue all together.
I think what’s important to note is the mental changes that occur from a sudden change in routine. A physical shock to the system might mean muscle pains and aches or physical tiredness, a mental shock might mean temporary insomnia or anxiety. (I don’t really know, I’m just going by what I’m feeling. Feel free to think I’m talking absolute bullcrap.)
Anyway, I’m well versed in dealing with these issues so don’t worry about me, I can feel you worrying! I just thought it was interesting to think about the effect of change on our mental state. 
And continuing with the theme of change. See what I did there?? Oh I’m so flipping cool! 
Let’s take a look at my results for this rest day:
My Squishiness rating: 
Biceps: 5. 
Abs: 7.
Glutes: 8. 
Thighs: 5.
My General Measurements:
Hips: 39” Waist 28” Bust 35”.
My Screenplay: 
Page 54. 
Some major restructuring happen though!
(and 1000 word personal statement panic written)
Moodscope Percentage: 


I’d thought I’d plop in my Moodscope graph for the week just so you can see the ups and downs. I can’t really figure out words to say about this yet, I just thought it was interesting. Today must have been a good day anyway! 

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