Exercise of a Lazy Girl (“Luncheon” or Part 4)

Mar 18, 2015
 It’s probably time to talk about how I’m feeling. Though I’m not actually taking my rest day today. I’m pushing it forward for tomorrow so I can prance about London with my friends. I’m currently sitting in one of those stylish London coffee houses so I prepared my squishiness/general measurements this morning though they haven’t changed at all from my last rest day. I think I have, in the very technical fitness terms, ‘plateaued’. I also feel a bit bad because I’ve not written any more of my screenplay. Though none of this seems to have had much effect on my Moodscope score which is pleasantly high. I’m not sure if that’s because of the hyper-trendy music that I’m currently being forced to listen to.  Why did I leave my headphones at home?! 
My Squishiness rating: 
Biceps: 5. 
Abs: 6.
Glutes: 8. 
Thighs: 4.
My General Measurements:
Hips: 39” Waist 28” Bust 34”.
My Screenplay: 
Page 60. 
Moodscope Percentage: 
So that’s it for a few days. I’ve become decidedly busy over the last few days and have a schedule TO DIE FOR (its not really… I just have arrangements) so I’m not sure how this will affect my training regime. 
I hope not. 
I’m quite enjoying the fact that I can plank for a minute and a half without my bones shaking. I will still update every four days or so, regardless of whether it’s a rest day or not. 
Let’s talk about the attitude in London. There is so much! Maybe it’s just me and my perception of things but being served (delicious!) coffee by a snooty waiter is not much fun maybe it’s a London thing. Neither is being so obviously looked up and down, in that way people do when they’re so insecure about themselves they’ll try everything to make other people feel the same way. I’m probably just paranoid or over-reacting. OH! Maybe it’s because I’m a little taller than other people, they look up and see my height and then look down to see if I’m wearing heels. (I’m not.) Yeah I like that reason. 
Either way I’m resisting the urge to go into a bathroom and put on mascara as if it’s some kind of weapon against the strange onlookers. Sigh.


Have a nice few days. BYE X

Druid Georgi

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