Books are my love! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 7

Feb 5, 2017

Day 7: Streamline your reading list

I worked at Waterstones for 2 years and in that time my collection of books probably tripled. I also developed this awful habit of I buying books but not reading them. The Japanese have a word for this ‘tsundoku’.


Having books around me is one pleasure that I’m so grateful to have in my life. Sometimes I feel like they need a little love though.

So here’s what I did this morning: I took every book off every bookshelf in my house, piled them around me and made a note of the title, author, genre and whether or not I’d read them. Then I organised them and put them back on the shelves.

Here’s a couple of fun pie charts of my experience! They’re interactive so you can hover over the little wedges to see the genres properly.

And the numbers? In my house I found 167 books.

I know there are more at my mum’s house too but these are just the ones I carried down the country with me. I am super upset that I’ve only read a quarter of them. So I’m about to remedy this!! As per the challenge for today.

Here is my streamlined reading list… For the foreseeable future! (This means that after Tuesday when Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology comes out I will not be buying any new books).

Lumberjanes (Volumes 2-4) by Noelle Stevenson

Saga (Volumes 1-6) by Brian K Vaughan

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Books 1-3) by Ransom Riggs

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Okay that’s all for now. Here’s a picture of me with my literature army!


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