Hi. I’m Georgi. Welcome!

This is a place where I write about stuff, but what kind of stuff??

I’m a writer so there might be some blogs about how to do that, I also love cheesy rhyming poems so watch out for those. I live for books so there will be reviews, book hauls and stuff. I’m a film student so I should write stuff about films. I eat food so…food will be around. And I like to do challenges so I’ll document that kind of stuff too.

But mostly rambling is my thing.

Why am I a druid? And what is a druid? I like magic and nature. In an alternate universe this is what I’d be.

I’m pleased you could join me, I like the company.

Follow me and click my social media if you think I’m funny or feel sorry for me.

Thanks for reading.

** A little note about the things you can click! **

For my featured posts click “Home”
For absolutely nothing to happen click “About” (That’s where you are now dummy!)
For an archive that goes back 5 years and contains nothing but rambles click “Blog”
For very specific posts about my current screenwriting palava click “Screenwriting Challenge”
For a sad looking page about my book series which I’ve postponed until after September click “Quaybrooke Adventures”

If you scroll down to the very bottom there are more things to click!!

For life updates and pictures of food and my dog click “Diary”
For reviews and hauls click “Reviews”
For stuff about Dungeons and Dragons (Including Mae’s Diary coming soon!!) click “Dungeons & Dragons”
For me messing about with my brain, body, lifestyle and stuff click “30 Day Challenges”
For pictures of food click “Food”


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