A Little Bit of Confidence. Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 3

Jul 4, 2019

Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 3

A Little Bit of Confidence

For the Wellness Challenge 2019: Day 3. The task is a Mantra Workout. “What’s a matra workout!?” I hear you cry. “I’m not sure!” I say, doing air punches and trying to remember what my mantra is. You visualise what you want to be, find a word that reflects that then say it out loud. Over and over. Until you believe it.

Verbal mantras definitely have their place in the world. They help people to self-motivate. They help subdue fatigue. And they help with self-confidence. At least that’s what the NYT Well-Challenge said.

However, to be a successful motivation technique, you probably have to use a mantra every day and over a long period of time. As well as, truely believe what you are telling yourself. I think maybe that would work…

What I thought

Honestly, this wasn’t for me. I liked the exercise routine. Because I spend my day sitting at a desk, starting the morning with a 7-minute workout really helps boost my mood… but… I’m not sure the mantra really works for me.

Push-ups are hard enough without having to remember to say ‘CONFIDENCE‘ over and over. It didn’t help me push up. It didn’t really motivate me to push up. And I didn’t really feel confident in my push-up. Actually, I’m pretty sure I forgot to push up because I was trying to remember my mantra.

Because of this, I’m probably going to thumbs down this day. I prefer the mindful workout from Day 1. The mindful workout encouraged you to focus on how your body moved and felt. But, the mantra workout employed a distraction technique. I don’t need to create more moments of distraction in my day, they come around organically. Though, as I said before, you probably have to repeat a mantra over time to see any type of result.

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