A chilly Saturday with Vox Machina - Blogmas Day 2

Dec 2, 2017

I had drinkers dawn this morning. A 5:30am wake up, weird tummy ache and parched. But it passed. And I slept until 10am.

I like Saturdays.

I treated myself to the new issue of Vox Machina Origins on Comixology. It’s £2.50 for 10 pages, but it’s completely worth it. Vox Machina Origins comes from the mind of Matt Mercer and his D&D web show, Critical Role, which I’m completely addicted to. The show’s on a break until the new year so this has tied me over for a little longer. If you’ve not watched it – watch it.

It rained today so I stayed inside. Ate homemade soup, brownies and lounged around. I’m about to make some cookies… though I’ve been saying that for the last 5 hours.

There are a few things about December that I really love and today I’ve done most of them…

  1. Committing to cosy days and late morning coffees and teas.
  2. Wrapping up in soft warm clothes and going for a chilly walk.
  3. Buying little treats just because it’s Saturday and winter and you’ve worked really hard this year.
  4. Wearing some really great socks, lighting expensive candles and reading books.
  5. Eating homemade comfort foods.
  6. Daydreaming about your favourite story baby just because it’s winter in Quaybrooke too…
  7. Baking treats to share with friends… (I say this before I’ve actually done it but I’m gunna do it! I swear!)

I feel fuzzy and happy just writing this list.

Have a great wintery Saturday everyone! Do something that makes you feel fuzzy today!

Thanks for readying!


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