SORRY! Major fail but also not really. The Minimalist Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: No complaint day

I failed you guys. I complained the house down today and when I thought I was done complaining more just spouted out. I guess there’s a long way to go. But this challenge did make me aware of my complaining and it made me feel guilty about it too. I’m hoping that by trying to fix the stuff that I’ve been complaining about I’ll just stop it altogether.

If you’re an observant person you might have seen a shit-ton of new blog posts on here. No, I’m not a time-travelling, writing freak. I just used the fancy import button to smush my blogs together. If you’re brave give some of the early blogs a read. Or not. It is nice to have everything in one place even if they are a little embarrassing.

It’s February now so the book ban I put on myself is lifted. I wandering into my nearest bookshop and got myself three yummy new books. Saga (volume 3), Phantasmagoria (Terry Breverton) and a little read on the Alchemist’s Kitchen (Guy Ogiluy). Reviews will follow. Probably… Maybe.

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