An update that tells you exactly nothing about what I’ve been doing and lots about some food I ate last year…

I went through a stage of taking pictures of all the food I ate . It seemed harmless at the time. A cute reminder of the delights I was shoving down my gob that day. A few months on and I understand why I did this.

My past self hates me. She wants me to suffer. Looking at these photographs makes me long to reverse time and stuff my face with the food of yesteryear but I can’t do this… why can’t I do this?

I know how trivial all this must seem. And it is, I know. You’re probably saying something like; “Reeeally?! This is what you want to do your words on?” And to that I say, I’ve been writing SUPER HARD for a really long time and I just wanted an excuse to look at some old pictures of food, okaaay! So back off you mean, old farts and join me on my journey of food.

What is my life?

The best god damn crumpets in the world. Onion jam and cheeeeeese. This was a good day…
The ‘Big V’ Hubbox Veggie Burger. Extra pickles. Mmmm. Also, I recall, a very good day…
Quiche from the Veggie Cafe, soo much food. And yes, I remember the greatness of this day very well…

Mmm… the Mediterranean cafe where Viki buys her meat. We got a bit of everything here. It was all great. Like the day…


So this isn’t food but it’s the last ‘best coffee’ I had. And I miss it. And yes this day was great too… though I do remember crying because I had to leave the coffee… but it was great. Really great.

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