Photograph of girl looking at ancient ruin in Corinth, Greece

Let’s make resolutions for 2019! But first, we must reunite! Hello… again It’s been a while. Half a year. But that’s okay, I think. I’m here now and I’m saying “hello” to the blogging world again. So, what are we doing here? Well, let’s make resolutions for 2019! And figure stuff out together But first…Continue Reading “Let’s make resolutions for 2019”

Hi guys! Happy New Year! One of my biggest niggles from last year is the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated. I’ve moved house a lot in the past few years so I consider myself an expert on the matter of “stuff“. But packing up everything is getting more and more stressful each time I do…Continue Reading “Living Naturally and Losing Stuff”

You know what the best days are in the run-up to Christmas? The days that you forget to eat the chocolate from your advent calendar. Why? Because you get two pieces of chocolate the next day! And this is what today is but in blog form! Three pieces of delicious underprepared, slightly travel-sick, coffee induced…Continue Reading “All The Food! – Blogmas Days 5&6”

London gives me whiplash. I go from being the most stressed out person in the whole world to being super chilled. I went from a busy bus route to a relaxing (if a bit over priced) coffee shop. From a mental tube ride to the quietest museum ever. From a train station from hell to…Continue Reading “Whiplash & 20,000 steps in London – Blogmas Day 4”

Travelling to London started off with the usual panic attack. I’m not great at being trapped on places for long stints of time. Especially when the place I’m going isn’t exactly where I want to be. I don’t like London. It’s no shock. It’s no surprise. And so I’m on the bus, I’m stuck going…Continue Reading “Bus and buds – Blogmas Day 3”

Here’s my problem. Shocking, right? I’ve got a problem! I need structure. It’s why I keep going back to school. I mean, I also want to learn and all that crap. But mostly, it’s because I have a really great desire to improve myself. Build my body of work and generally get better at the thing…Continue Reading “Ten Days to Book It!”

This past week has been a busy one. I’m back at Waterstones for the Cheltenham Literature Festival. We’re about halfway through right now and it’s crazy. People are getting super excited about books. I love it! When the week is over I’ll do my book haul. It’s a big’un. I’ve really missed that Waterstones discount!…Continue Reading “Busy Days”