Peanuts and peanut butter

Homemade peanut butter? Really!? Why do you need homemade peanut butter? Well, you don’t… Unless you’re an addict like I am. I reckon I get through fifteen to twenty jars of peanut butter in a year. That’s a lot. But, if you like messing about in the kitchen, or need a cheap cheerful gift for…Continue Reading “Homemade Peanut Butter: How to Make!”

Wow! Food! Let’s get started! This is black coffee and a Daily Croissant. I knew I was cat sitting for a friend so I pre-packed my breakfast! These croissants are super yummy! Blurry picture alert! Pre-D&D crispy potato skins. I can’t really remember what I put in these, but they’re topped with the cheese that…Continue Reading “My week in food #8”

It’s fooooooood frrrridayy! Welcome! This week has been a little bit mental! Also I’m ill again so that’s a fun thing… but here’s my food! First meal in the new house! Salmon & avocado sandwich from Wolfie’s in Cheltenham. Blurry coffee and croissant to match my blurry AM vision. Black Gold Coffee. Yes, this a…Continue Reading “My Week in Food #7”

It’s fooooood friday! Yay!! I ate and made a lot of really yummy stuff this week! Fish Burger from Craftworks Kitchen in Truro! This place is soooo good! Veggie breakfast for dinner! This is my favourite treat food! Super super good!   Udon Stir Fry! Yum! Moving house soon! So we’re clearing out the freezer….Continue Reading “My Week in Food #6”

Oh No! Food Friday is here!! It’s gunna be really sucky this week! I apologise! I’ve only got three pathetic pictures of food. In my defence, though I hate excuses!! I’ve been kinda ill. Like the annoying lethargic, achy, head pain ill… But anyway! That’s it for excuses. Here are my really sad pictures… Hummus!…Continue Reading “My Week in Food #5”

Food Friday Returns!! If you diligently follow my updates (which I’m sure.. is the case for everyone! Right!? Love me?) you’ll know I forgot Food Friday last week. But! I didn’t forget! I was house hunting! I was not taking pictures of my food and putting them on the internet… I’m sorry. But you get…Continue Reading “My Week in Food #4”

Loooong week. Many writings. I didn’t eat out anywhere so this is mostly home-made. This is a Georgi classic comfort food. Spicy noodle soup with all the broccoli. I love broccoli. Mmm. Broccoli… Makin’ banana pancakes and pretend that it’s the weekend… Thanks Jack Johnson! Super good! Yeah, that’s right! More pancakes! Don’t judge me…Continue Reading “My Week in Food #3”