Peanuts and peanut butter

Homemade peanut butter? Really!? Why do you need homemade peanut butter? Well, you don’t… Unless you’re an addict like I am. I reckon I get through fifteen to twenty jars of peanut butter in a year. That’s a lot. But, if you like messing about in the kitchen, or need a cheap cheerful gift for…Continue Reading “Homemade Peanut Butter: How to Make!”

Photograph of girl looking at ancient ruin in Corinth, Greece

Let’s make resolutions for 2019! But first, we must reunite! Hello… again It’s been a while. Half a year. But that’s okay, I think. I’m here now and I’m saying “hello” to the blogging world again. So, what are we doing here? Well, let’s make resolutions for 2019! And figure stuff out together But first…Continue Reading “Let’s make resolutions for 2019”

Quick update alert! I’m at 53,000 words! Okay, you’re free to leave now, thanks for reading! But if you want to receive some awesome advice for life, read on! I’m proud to say this is now the longest piece of writing I’ve ever created. I know that words don’t mean everything, they have to be good…Continue Reading “Good Days, Bad Days”

I know what you’re thinking! There are ENDLESS ways to procrastinate when you’re in your home and all your stuff is around you. You don’t need me to tell you how to do it! But here I’ve compiled the perfect day in the eyes of a procrastinating genius whose general rule is this, ‘I’m sat…Continue Reading “How To Procrastinate When You Work From Home.”

“Hey Georgi, you should probably write something on your blog… because, you know, it’s good for you and you find it fun?” “Oh… should I? Or should I stay in bed and hibernate?” “No. Write on your blog!” “But… bed?” “Now!” Annnnd scene! This is what I’ve been battling with for the last month. And…Continue Reading “What? Where? Why?”

Wow! Food! Let’s get started! This is black coffee and a Daily Croissant. I knew I was cat sitting for a friend so I pre-packed my breakfast! These croissants are super yummy! Blurry picture alert! Pre-D&D crispy potato skins. I can’t really remember what I put in these, but they’re topped with the cheese that…Continue Reading “My week in food #8”

It’s fooooooood frrrridayy! Welcome! This week has been a little bit mental! Also I’m ill again so that’s a fun thing… but here’s my food! First meal in the new house! Salmon & avocado sandwich from Wolfie’s in Cheltenham. Blurry coffee and croissant to match my blurry AM vision. Black Gold Coffee. Yes, this a…Continue Reading “My Week in Food #7”