I suck! I was stuck… The Minimalist Challenge is helping me become unstuck in certain areas of my life. It feels great to downsize, list goals and take time away from electronics and the internet. Here’s where I’m struggling and it’s got nothing to do with the Minimalist Challenge but has had an adverse effect on…Continue Reading “What’s going on? The Minimalist Challenge: Day ?!?”

Day 16: Don’t buy anything for 24 hours.  I don’t spend. I used to! I would drop £100 on random days on food, coffees, books, clothes, stationary, knickknacks etc. I was the classic impulse buyer. There have been a lot of circumstances where spending money would feel like a form therapy for me. I still…Continue Reading “A money meanie. The Minimalist Challenge: Day 16”

Day 15: Examine your daily habits.  I’m going to try not to be too judgemental of myself here! I’ve examined both my good and bad habits, and here they are in list form: Good Daily Habits Breakfast! I always eat breakfast! I make this amazing porridge; oats, water, peanut butter, cocoa powder and raisins. Healthy chocolate for…Continue Reading “I’m really lazy. The Minimalist Challenge: Day 15”

Day 13: Clean out your closet This is a hefty, hefty challenge. It’s also a day late, sorry about that I got distracted by re-runs of ANTM. To help me clean out my closet I used the Marie Kondo technique… She wrote this book: Marie Kondo: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and another one…Continue Reading “Clothes! More clothes! And then some more! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 13”

Day 11: Evaluate your commitments Commitments. Commitments, commitments, commitments. I’ve got a few. Me. I’m committed to making me the happiest version of myself. It’s a long haul. But here’s how I try: Being unapologetic in the things that I love, Tea and Books. Exercise might be something I’d like to do to improve myself…Continue Reading “I’m committed to stuff! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 11”