I’ve broken my camera. Again. But in my frantic search for a receipt I stumbled upon some important bits of paper that I’d thought I’d lost and was completely transported back to January last year. I went to Southern India with Raleigh International, an experience I knew I wouldn’t be forgetting for quite a while….Continue Reading “Nugget of Wisdom: Goals”

Experimentation was the theme of my Friday night. NO, not like that! (Dirty!)  A few months ago I’d gone to a little shop which sold things like crystals, dream catchers, incense and stuff and purchased some purple hair dye without really knowing why.  Since then it’s been sitting in my bathroom untouched and unloved. Until…Continue Reading “Fashion Blog: A splash of colour”

I’ve already given you the skinny on what foods I do and don’t eat. But todays food blog is more about fantasy than anything else.  Before I got what I got, I made (if I can be repulsively un-modest for a few words) the best cupcakes ever! Unfortunately, now I can’t eat them so I don’t…Continue Reading “Food Blog: Selfish Cupcakes”

There’s something about the warm weather that makes me unable to do anything. The most I can fathom doing whilst the sun is shining is roll out of bed into my garden and lie there for the next 5 hours. I’m not ashamed of this activity either, if it was an Olympic sport then I…Continue Reading “Week Blog: Olympics or whatever”

For me, fashion is part of everyday life. Well, I say fashion but really they are just clothes. I wouldn’t go out naked so I’ve got to wear them… and it just seems natural to wear the things I like. I don’t tend to follow regular fashion trends and my overall wardrobe is edging more…Continue Reading “Fashion Blog: GET YOUR LEGS OUT”

One of my great trials in everyday life is food. A yeast intolerance means that the foods I can eat are few and far between. Off the list are dairy, sugar, yeast and a whole bunch of fruits, vegetables, and minerals. Generally, I love to add spice to my food, a bit of fire can do…Continue Reading “Food Blog: A little bit of heat”

This last week has been something weird. It started in a field in Cheltenham and ended in a tapas bar in the back streets of Barcelona. 2000 Trees. A local festival. Willingly pushed along by a friend, fed a mountain of beer and unknowingly frenzied by the immense volume of the music. I can’t say…Continue Reading “Week Blog: worlds apart but close to heart”