Okay, okay, okay. Let me explain myself. If you guys have clicked around my little blog you might have noticed that I challenged myself to be more of a ‘minimalist’ a while back. Since then I’ve not really spent that much time collecting stuff which I thought was pretty restrained of me. I would strut…Continue Reading “Tokyo 2017: Big Fat Haul!”

This is the last food post from Tokyo. I know, I’m sad too. I did eat a lot more than the things I wrote about but these were my favourites and also I forgot. This last post is a smush of my last few days. As you can probably tell by the way I’m writing,…Continue Reading “Japan 2017: Coffee Waffle”

Before I talk about the best ice cream I’ve ever had, I’ll blab a little about this day. First we went to Nakano Broadway which is this five floor circus of every kind of random you could possibly want. I bought stuff, you guys. I’m going to do a haul post after I’m done making…Continue Reading “Tokyo 2017: Ice Cream Tears”

You may have gathered that this is not my first time to Tokyo. So I’m not really doing of the touristy things. Today (And by today I mean like 4 days ago) was chilled. In Monzen-Nakacho there’s a coffee shop called The Monz and it’s great. It’s a firm favourite as is their cheese toast…Continue Reading “Tokyo 2017: Cheese Toast”

Second full day in Japan. I like it here every time I come I feel at home. Hannah told me to buy a melon pan for breakfast so I did. It’s melon bread, sweet, sweet melon bread. I took it to Kiyosumi Park and sat under the trees to nom nom nom. Then in the afternoon we went to…Continue Reading “Tokyo 2017: Melon Pan”

This week might be a little different in terms of blogs. I’m in Tokyo visiting a friend. So that’s a thing that’s happening. I only arrived yesterday so feeling a little of the tiredness. It was raining too, which I wasn’t exactly prepared for but it’s good to be back. This week will (hopefully if…Continue Reading “Wait, what!? I’m in Tokyo!”

The last month has been a florescent light and I’ve been staring straight at it so I’ve been a little blinded. It’s fine though. I’ve been blinking lots so hopefully my eyesight will be back soon and I’ll be back on track. I’m trying to piece together a new feature, find a place to live…Continue Reading “A List of Holland 2014”