Hey! So I’m working pretty hard on some new Dungeons and Dragons inspired words but I thought it might be fun on this sunny Wednesday morning to introduce the basics of Dungeons and Dragons onto this blog. Partly because it’s fun to talk about and partly because a lot of people who are curious about D&D…Continue Reading “Tabletop Games: Getting into D&D?”

On New Years Eve our plan was not to have a plan and that plan turned into watching Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and eating Mac and Cheese. Success? Yes! I think so! This was the BBC America supernatural comedy based on Douglas Adams’ book of the same name. I’ve not read the book yet…Continue Reading “TV Review: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”

Starting a new series tonight. The Killing (U.S.) 2014. On episode 3 as I’m typing this. Basic plot is girl goes missing, detective finds her then has to figure out who killed her. Family devastation. Corrupt politics. Police problem solving. On the whole, I’m not really into the whole crime drama thing but I’m liking…Continue Reading “TV Review: The Killing”

Ten-ish hours later and I’m almost done… at least I think I am. The only reason I’m not playing it right now is because it keeps glitching on me…… *** It wasn’t glitching. Silly, naive Georgi for thinking it was glitching.  Well, it was technically glitching… but it was Flowey.  This game rocks.  Worst review…Continue Reading “Game Review: Undertale, Part 2”

Today, a sleepy part one review of Undertale a cute RPG.  I’ve been watching a couple of my favourite YouTube ‘Let’s Play’ folks play through Undertale and just decided to buy it on impulse today after finding out that Shovel Knight isn’t actually released for another week. In the game you control a human who…Continue Reading “Game Review: Undertale, Part 1”

These are the Princesses of Adventure Time. Colourful bunch, ey? They’re all different, they’ve all got their ‘thing’ and they are all completely fabulous.  See, I’ve got a general problem with the whole Princess thing. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I’m not on board with the whole changing yourself for your…Continue Reading “TV: Why I love Adventure Time”

It is March now.  And the Oscars are tomorrow. I have definitely been swept up by the hype and I am giddy to find out whose got what and who doesn’t got what. I wouldn’t be much of a film person if I didn’t put my two cents in. As is common on my blog…Continue Reading “Oscars 2014”