I lost my notebook. It’s causing me problems. But HOW? Well, I stopped writing in it. I’ve been writing almost exclusive on my laptop for ages. Months, in fact. I don’t want to say that that’s a mistake… but it’s a mistake. I’m having major issues with one of my characters and I’ve always found it…Continue Reading “Ten Days to Book It #4”

I’m doing it! Zero distractions and a butt load of motivation clearly makes a difference to my productivity. At the moment I’m at 11,000 words. I’m writing a 2000 word per day schedule. Some days I’m done by 11am others I’m sat here until 5pm. It just depends on how I’m feeling. I do have…Continue Reading “Ten Days to Book It! #3”

As always, I’m being rubbish. Except that I’m not actually being rubbish. The weekend just got really busy. My friend got married and I was a bridesmaid. What was supposed to be a weekend, instead took most of the week. This meant a week of no words. Well no Our Hero Rhea words. I wrote and…Continue Reading “Ten Days to Book It! #2”

Here’s my problem. Shocking, right? I’ve got a problem! I need structure. It’s why I keep going back to school. I mean, I also want to learn and all that crap. But mostly, it’s because I have a really great desire to improve myself. Build my body of work and generally get better at the thing…Continue Reading “Ten Days to Book It!”