This week is actually going pretty well. Heaps better last week. I’m in the zone, you guys! In. The. Zone. Weirdly, what’s been working for me is a little change of scene. I began the week meandering around town before settling in Costa. When I want to spend a long time writing in a coffee…Continue Reading “Midweek Update – Pancakes, Pages and Pyjamas”

This week has been a little bit lax in terms of actual solid documentation. I’ve been on the road and distracted so I guess that’ll be my sorry excuse. It’s not been a waste of a week though! Even though I’m talking like it is… I’ve started to script my stories now and damn it…Continue Reading “Week 5 – In which I Cthulhu it up!”

This week might have been a little bit of a fail in terms of progress. Yes, I finished a first draft of  one of my short film treatments but that’s been about it. I’ve been trying to bash out my feature story. Beginning, middle, end. Boom, boom, boom. Trying to get it down quickly and…Continue Reading “Week 4 – In which I have a moment that lasts a week”

I’m not alone in this. A lot of writers/artists/makers of things have this same problem. Finishing things. I’m really good at beginning stories, making up worlds and characters but I really suck at ending the story and even when I do it’s never satisfying enough. This week is all about finishing my stories. I should…Continue Reading “Midweek Update – Learning to finish things”

This week has been about three things: structure, story and stealing all the books from the library. Well, not stealing. I’m using my library card but they’re closing the library over the summer and I’m not about to be without books for my final stretch of this course. Nuh-uh, no sir-y. Not me. Nope. Nope….Continue Reading “Week 3 – In which I type stuff (and also binge)”

I’ve been working pretty hard this week, though somehow I’ve not managed to clock as many hours. I’m also still ill, so there’s that. I logged 18 hours of work not including reading time which I’m not sure counts because I’d probably be doing it with or without this project. This week has been all about…Continue Reading “Week 2 – In Which I Make Up the World”

Week 2 is not going as well as I’d like. I’m ill so I’m grumpy and when I’m grumpy I don’t tend to think of good ideas. It’s annoying because this week is supposed to be about building a skeletal story for the feature. Instead I’m getting frustrated at my workspace and watching cake videos…Continue Reading “Midweek Update – In no way am I using my blog to procrastinate”