I’m not panicking, you are! My official hand in date is 14th August. I’m writing this on the 6th. That means I have about a week left to go. Here’s where I’m at: 2nd Draft of Our Hero Rhea. Currently working on a total character rewrite for my bad guy which might end up changing…Continue Reading “Week 11 – In which I definitely do NOT panic…”

So we’re here! Week 10 and the official 2 week count down to the end of this challenge and to the end of my degree. The largest bulk of my screenplays are written and now I’m in full edit swing. Rewrites are happening! Like lots of rewrites! I feel confident saying that I developed a…Continue Reading “Week 10 – In which I reflect on it all”

This week has been the weirdest week so far. I can only liken it to the calm before a storm. Except it’s not been calm because I’m still ill so I’m frustrated. But writing-wise it’s calm. I’m working on the short films simultaneously. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than focusing on them…Continue Reading “Week 9 – In which I freak out that it’s nearly Week 10… why am I so calm?!”

Like I said earlier this week, I finished the first draft Our Hero Rhea. It’s not done! I’m already very aware of my pacing issues and other ridiculousness that’s going on in those 100 pages but the point is that I wrote them! That’s the hardest part done and out of the way! But wait!…Continue Reading “Week 8 – In which I chill … a little. Not too much though, we’re still on a deadline!”

It’s done! I finished it. First draft is done. Done, done, done. And here’s what I learnt: I need coffee. Coffee is my friend. I also need to write in a public space. The thought of people watching me work makes me work harder. Is that weird? Probably. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve…Continue Reading “Midweek Update – Topped up on Coffee and Typing for Days”

This week has been a week of a lot of writing. Again. I’m not sure there’s a lot to say on that front. Except that I’m not finished but it’s okay. There have been a lot of events this week and for that reason I’ve got a lot of emotions. Here are the events that…Continue Reading “Week 7 – Technical Issues”

This week is all about seeing how much I can write. I’m now fully in screenwriting mode. Churning out page after page, never looking back and loading myself up on coffee and cookies until I hit my goal. My days of whiskey and cigarettes has passed although I’d go for a whiskey right now… or…Continue Reading “Week 6 – In which I type a hag, a forest and a castle *Includes interactive graph!!*”