Day 11: Evaluate your commitments Commitments. Commitments, commitments, commitments. I’ve got a few. Me. I’m committed to making me the happiest version of myself. It’s a long haul. But here’s how I try: Being unapologetic in the things that I love, Tea and Books. Exercise might be something I’d like to do to improve myself…Continue Reading “I’m committed to stuff! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 11”

Day 10: No email or social media until lunch This morning was cool. I completed my morning ritual but I swapped out reading for writing, I even did some brew meditation. Then I had to go shopping. I’d planned with my friend where to meet and then we headed out into the small world of costume shops….Continue Reading “Quiet time with my novel! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 10”

Day 9: Downsize your beauty collection ** Important note!** I don’t think makeup is bad or that people who wear makeup are bad, it’s just not for me. I don’t know how to put it on without looking like a clown which makes me feel more self-conscious and I think that is the opposite of what…Continue Reading “Makeup kind of gives me the creeps. The Minimalist Challenge: Day 9”

Day 8: Learn to enjoy solitude It’s learnt and enjoyed. I frigging love being on my own, I can never quite be myself when I’m around people even if they’re my friends. When I’m on my own I get to go at my very slow pace, I don’t feel guilty for indulging in the things that…Continue Reading “Being on my own is the best but I’m my worst friend! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 8”

Day 7: Streamline your reading list I worked at Waterstones for 2 years and in that time my collection of books probably tripled. I also developed this awful habit of I buying books but not reading them. The Japanese have a word for this ‘tsundoku’. Having books around me is one pleasure that I’m so grateful to…Continue Reading “Books are my love! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 7”

Day 6: Follow a morning ritual It’s Saturday. That’s not an excuse for what I did today. I also am learning to READ THESE CHALLENGES BEFORE THE DAY BEGINS. So that when I wake up at 11:30am and read, “Follow a morning ritual” I won’t want to turn back time. So there you have it,…Continue Reading “Am I a morning person and does it matter? The Minimalist Challenge: Day 6”

Day 5: Identify your 4 to 6 main priorities I’ve been thinking about this one all day. At this point in my life I should be able to properly identified my main priorities but I’m not sure I know. Let’s see how this pans out anyway. The first priority is my friends and family and just…Continue Reading “Identifying priorities is hard! The Minimalist Challenge: Day 5”