Morning everybody! I did it. I made my first Christmas purchase of the season yesterday. I didn’t intend to but here’s what happened. I went out to buy some hayfever tablets because it never stops for an unlucky few of us… And I stumbled into Tiger. Don’t know Tiger? Find one, visit it, you’re welcome. And…Continue Reading “A Touch of Christmas – Blogmas Day 7”

You know what the best days are in the run-up to Christmas? The days that you forget to eat the chocolate from your advent calendar. Why? Because you get two pieces of chocolate the next day! And this is what today is but in blog form! Three pieces of delicious underprepared, slightly travel-sick, coffee induced…Continue Reading “All The Food! – Blogmas Days 5&6”

London gives me whiplash. I go from being the most stressed out person in the whole world to being super chilled. I went from a busy bus route to a relaxing (if a bit over priced) coffee shop. From a mental tube ride to the quietest museum ever. From a train station from hell to…Continue Reading “Whiplash & 20,000 steps in London – Blogmas Day 4”

Travelling to London started off with the usual panic attack. I’m not great at being trapped on places for long stints of time. Especially when the place I’m going isn’t exactly where I want to be. I don’t like London. It’s no shock. It’s no surprise. And so I’m on the bus, I’m stuck going…Continue Reading “Bus and buds – Blogmas Day 3”

I had drinkers dawn this morning. A 5:30am wake up, weird tummy ache and parched. But it passed. And I slept until 10am. I like Saturdays. I treated myself to the new issue of Vox Machina Origins on Comixology. It’s £2.50 for 10 pages, but it’s completely worth it. Vox Machina Origins comes from the…Continue Reading “A chilly Saturday with Vox Machina – Blogmas Day 2”

Okay, okay. So I don’t have the best track record for finishing out the challenges… But behind the scenes, I am trying my best! Please believe me! I watch a lot of youtube… Like, a lot. And they do vlogmas. Last year, I loved sitting down in the morning with my coffee and watch Dodger’s…Continue Reading “Is Blogmas a thing? Day 1”