I’ve completed the shopping portion of my Christmas gifts! I know, I know, be proud! Next up is making the chocolates and mince pies. I love making mince pies from scratch! You can tailor the mincemeat to how you like it and it’s really easy! There are only 4 steps… But first a quick history…Continue Reading “Shopping and a Mincemeat Recipe – Blogmas Day 20”

Hi Guys! Because I’m a bad human in all areas of my life (not just the blogsphere) I’ve spent the morning frantically buying Christmas presents for my family and paying extra for express shipping… Yep, that’s right… I’m one of those people. I know the postal/delivery workers worst nightmare but I think I’m done now …Continue Reading “The Santas of Reality – Blogmas Day 19”

A short one for the past few days guys! Trying to catch up! Thursday 14th December – This was a chilled day. Hannah was here so we got a breakfast at Curious Cafe and a dinner at Big Fish. Food is the most important thing about this day… well food and Christmas gifts! Here’s my…Continue Reading “Little Double – Blogmas Days 14 & 15”

Everyone likes a good book, right? And over the holidays there’s actually time to read them! For your friends, family, picky people and practical strangers that are expecting gifts, here’s what you do. P.s. Don’t follow this list blindly… If you know that your person really doesn’t like crime books – don’t just get her…Continue Reading “Book Gift Guide 2017 – Blogmas Day 13”

I did some Christmas shopping! I’m feeling very accomplished! This year, I have no money, Anything I earn just goes right back into rent and bills. So gift buying is getting creative. I have to think about what people like and then make it special somehow. And what does everybody like? Food! Chocolate! Pastries! Snacks!ย …Continue Reading “Planning and Train Valley – Blogmas Day 12”

At this time of year, it can be hard not to look back and over analyse yourself. Don’t like what you see? Causing you to have panic attacks in the middle of the night? Yeah, me too. But… You can’t fix it in one night.   So just stop, breathe and chill. And follow this list…Continue Reading “Stress-busting Tips – Blogmas Day 11”

It has been a bit of a weekend, guys! Friday was a write-off. My computer betrayed me. I have some pretty hefty documents floating around (writing books and screenplays does that) but it’s nothing that my new awesome Razor Blade Stealth laptop can’t handle. Except it couldn’t handle it. It crashed, a lot. And that,…Continue Reading “Computerless and Snowfull – Blogmas Days 8, 9 & 10”