Quick update alert! I’m at 53,000 words! Okay, you’re free to leave now, thanks for reading! But if you want to receive some awesome advice for life, read on! I’m proud to say this is now the longest piece of writing I’ve ever created. I know that words don’t mean everything, they have to be good…Continue Reading “Good Days, Bad Days”

Warning: This is a work rant!! I’m powering through. And I’m loving it! When I was working on the kid’s book (back in November and December) every word was a slog to write. But with Quaybrooke, it’s not like that. I write it every day because I want to and it’s a joy to spend…Continue Reading “My something or other… A Work Rant”

The first month of 2018. Oh boy, oh boy! It’s been a bit of a crazy one. But I’m actually feeling pretty positive about it. I’ve learnt a lot, consumed a lot and thought a lot. I think I’m moving into February with a better understanding of what I’m doing with my life, what I…Continue Reading “Wrap Up: January 2018”

This past week has been a busy one. I’m back at Waterstones for the Cheltenham Literature Festival. We’re about halfway through right now and it’s crazy. People are getting super excited about books. I love it! When the week is over I’ll do my book haul. It’s a big’un. I’ve really missed that Waterstones discount!…Continue Reading “Busy Days”

How is it October already? I don’t understand this year at all. It’s going really fast. I feel about ten times older and I’m moving a lot slower than the rest of the world. October is one of my favourites. Everything is orange and purple. Magic is slowly creeping into the air. And I don’t…Continue Reading “October Goals!”

The last few days of September are going to be a bit mad so refecting now seemed like the thing to do. Thinking about it, this whole month has been mad. I’ve been mentally and geographically all over the place. Hopefully things will settle down in October. Standout moments include: (In order of when they happened)…Continue Reading “Wrap Up: September 2017”

Wow! Food! Let’s get started! This is black coffee and a Daily Croissant. I knew I was cat sitting for a friend so I pre-packed my breakfast! These croissants are super yummy! Blurry picture alert! Pre-D&D crispy potato skins. I can’t really remember what I put in these, but they’re topped with the cheese that…Continue Reading “My week in food #8”